Merchant Services Protection Plan (800-511-2896) Provides Free And Discounted Services For Merchants

As a merchant, there are often times when the advice of professionals is needed, especially when it comes to legal and tax advice. A growing issue facing many more Americans every year is identity theft. Fortunately through the Merchant Services Protection Plan, merchants and their employees have access to professionals in all three fields. To obtain this extremely valuable service visit or call 800-511-2896.

Free And Discount Legal Services With Legal Club Mthly For Small Businesses

Through the Merchant Services Protection Plan, small business owners have access to more than 20,000 attorneys across the United States that are a part of the largest network of plan attorneys with Legal Club Mthly. These services offer free initial consultations on new legal matters. Having access to free advice from an attorney can save merchants thousands of dollars over the course of doing business. For more information on the legal services included in the Merchant Services Protection Plan, call 800-511-2896 or visit

Receive Tax Advice And Preparation Services

Another important area of concern for business owners is tax preparation. Ensuring that taxes are completed properly at the lowest cost possible is extremely important for small business owners, especially during difficult economic times. The Merchant Services Protection Plan gives business owners free tax advice during business hours. Additionally merchants have access to preparation services for both their business and personal taxes. Other tax services are also available to merchants for free or at discounted rates through the Merchant Services Protection Plan. For more information, visit or call 800-511-2896.


Small Business Owners Looking For Professional Tax Services Can Count On Merchant Services Protection Plan (800-511-2896)

Running a small business can prove challenging, particularly during tax season. Trying to gain traction and momentum in an inconsistent financial climate often leaves small business owners worn thin from wearing many hats and left with little time to focus on proper tax preparation. Fortunately, these merchants do have options. Small business executives can partner with Merchant Services Protection Plan at 800-511-2896 to receive access to a host of services and direct help with filing their taxes.

Merchant Services Protection Plan: A Simple Call To 800-511-2896 Delivers Access To Numerous Tax Services

Merchant Services Protection Plan offers a suite of free and discounted tax services for businesses. Participating merchants can instantly gain unlimited access to tax professionals and resources. The Merchant Services Protection Plan provides a variety of ways to contact the firm with inquiries; simply call them toll free at 800-511-2896 or reach out through email or fax with any and all questions.

Additionally, Merchant Services Protection Plan members have access to information and tips concerning modifications to tax laws, helping businesses ensure they remain informed and empowered throughout the tax filing process. Best of all, the benefits offered by Merchant Services Protection Plan are available to both business owners and employees. Contact 800-511-2896 now to learn more about how Merchant Services Protection Plan can team with your business during tax time.